Bates Kaniyou

Bates Kaniyou is a Hispanic half-angel, half-human who was born on February 26, 1986. He is the child of Legato and June, grandson to Cyraku, father of Kaiyoko, Emmie, and a few hundred other kids, and husband to Makai.

He died a few times but in true cheap fashion was brought back to life. He tends to be overly sarcastic, rude, and abrasive.

He was always beaten by his father simply because his father loved Zach and basically hated him. Zach tried to stick up for him the best he could but Jason was very violent. This turned Bates into a very quiet child and made him more than twisted in the head. However he was the favorite of his mother, so he got much attention and love from her (she ignored Zach because of it). On top of it, a few years later, his parents (Jason and June, that is) faked their death in a car crash so Zach and Bates were sent to a children's home.

Upon turning 18, Bates found himself working by stacking crates together day by day. One day, he ventured into the woods and found a woman who had a great backstory. This woman's name was Makai. Upon many run ins with her ex-husband named Materoi and her child by this man named Akira, they eventually fell in love and got married. They had two PRIMARY kids, hundreds of nameless others.

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