Updating Format

Need to know what the page should look like? Generally you should include:

  • ALWAYS: Put CharacterName(CreatorName). Helps prevent conflicting character pages. Same goes with LocationName(CreatorName). Creator names should be listed CreatorName(creator).
  • Picture: Only those which you have drawn, photographed or commissioned. Otherwise, only a description is allowed.
  • Description: This is the body of the page, taking up most of it. Preferably "Unknown" should be kept to a minimum.
  • Lineage: Parents, Grandparents, Children only.
  • Related Characters: Format should be Characters - Relationship. As in "Satoshi - Brother".
  • Locations: Where is this character seen? Create location pages for ones that don't exist already.
  • Anything else related to the character: Such as a link to your user page, website, etc.

General Rules

This is for original characters only. Any non-original characters may be deleted if sufficient evidence is not provided. (I.E: Rewritten profile, personality changes, etc.)
Nothing can be copied from other people. That means only pictures that you have drawn/photographed/commissioned may be used.
Don't edit other people's pages. Unless specifically asked, it is a bannable offense.
Don't use slang, ghettospeak, lolspeak, shorthand or any other kind of graffiti on the English language.
Which brings us to our next topic: Write in English. If you want to translate the article into another language, also include the English couterpart.

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