Jason Smith

Jason Smith is a Caucasian human born April 16, 1965.

He has always been rich his entire life, leading him to do drugs and drink alcohol to try to gain attention from his parents when he was younger. Only the alcohol stuck and he is a chronic alcoholic. On October 3, 2005 he killed his wife in a drunken rage when he found out about her relationship with Legato, a man she'd had two kids by.

He married his wife though the marriage was practically arranged by their parents. He thought she was very pretty but they never really got along. Although he was physically unable to have children he thought that Bates and Zach were his biological children, because June told him so. He treated Bates horribly and beat him, visibly favoring Zach. However June favorited Bates instead, ignoring Zach most of the time, trying to balance everything off.

She continued to have the tryst and one day Jason found out, leading to her eventual death. Now he is on the downward spiral and about to get there himself.

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