June Smith

June Smith is a Caucasian full angel born August 10, 1973. She was killed on October 3, 2005, by her husband Jason in a drunken rage.

When she was younger, her parents were golddiggers and wanted her to marry a rich man. So, her arranged marriage to Jason made sense: Jason was very rich, though he had a bad personality and was drunk most of the time. They got married and Jason wanted to have children but Jason was "shooting blanks" anyway.

She soon wandered to a different man, having an affair with a man named Legato who was the exact opposite of Jason: kind, clean (though he was a drug dealer), and poor: he didn't even have a home. She would eventually go on to have two children by him named Bates and Zach but she would never get to walk down the isle with him because she was killed before that time.

In hell (after all, that's where all 'whores' go), she met a man named Materoi whom she essentially became the wife of.

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