Linlin Xialin



Linlin Xialin is a Anthropomorphic Panda created by Soteniliene(creator). She is involved with Kontonno(creator)s character(s). She prefers to be called "Lin Chelun", or simply "Lin" for criminal reasons.


Linlin was born to a poor family in the small village of Shen Qi in Southern China. Up until the age of five her life was fairly normal. Underfed, she was destined for a small figure and nourishment. At the age of five her parents decided to sell to a man in another village. Apparently in an arranged marriage, she continued to live her life quietly in the back-country of China.
Several years after her marriage to the Panda, she grew depressed, developing further disorders from nervousness. She would also appear covered with somewhat random scars, scrapes, and bandaged areas. She was hardly allowed from the house, her rather controlling partner treating her more like a slave than a wife. It wasn't a few months after a rather disrupting looking scar developed on her back that she decided to divert from her so-called husband and flee to Beijing.

Her life in Beijing wasn't that much better for her. It was difficult for her to find work, being without a passport of record of birth. She couldn't read or write, and her Chinese was so impaired with an accent no one could understand her. Most of her time was spent out-doors, and hovering around street corners.
During one winter was extremely hard for her. She decided that the military would offer what the streets couldn't: A place to stay and food.

Her saga during the military wasn't as she had hoped. She wasn't treated much better than she was as a homeless woman. Frequently being beat on and insults became a way of life. Life was hard for her. The Chinese military had begun moving into northern Laos, sending out Lin and several other hundreds of fighters. Most of her fights are unknown, but slayings and massacres were said to run rampant. Luckily she was brought back to Beijing before she was killed, but she would no longer stand for the treatment she was getting. She fled the military.

Six years after leaving the military, she found herself in Taiwan.

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