Zach Kaniyou

Zach Kaniyou is a Hispanic half-angel, half-human who was born on June 11, 1982. He is the child of Legato and June, and he has been single basically his entire life.

He is exactly what Bates is not. He is soft spoken, gentle, kind, and for some reason hasn't had a girlfriend. He tends to only be a "friend" to his female friends.

When he was younger he tried to defend his brother, Bates, from the many beatings he would get from their pseudo-father, Jason. However Jason visibly favored Zach and doted on him— that wasn't saying much considering Jason's doting was a pat on the head and a recognition every so often. He was largely ignored by his mother as well, for she was trying to balance off Jason's beatings by favoriting Bates. Luckily he was a child that needed no attention and was very leader-like, and when his parents faked their death and they were sent to the orphanage Zach was the one who took care of Bates mostly.

After he turned of a legal age he took up being a bartender at a local bar and that's been his job ever since. He has seen many types of people and like the true loner he is, he tends to keep to himself though he is on first name basis with most of the locals and regulars.

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